Urns & Trees

Aluminium Urns

These floral urns and pedestals are bursting with beautiful flowers stand 7/8 feet tall making an impressive display. Price £160.00 a pair.

White Urn

This urn stands 4 to 5 foot high overflowing with flowers and greenery. Price £60.00

Bay Trees

Available in either 3, 4 or 5 foot tall and decorated with flowers, light and bows. 

Price from: £20.00 a pair.

Wisteria Trees

Standing around 5 feet tall and full of cascading wisteria blooms. Price £60.00 a pair.

Blossom Trees

The blossom trees stand over 5 feet in height and include a floral ring at the  trunk base. Make a fabulous centrepiece. Price £45.00 

Topiary Trees

The topiary trees stand 4 feet in height and can be decorated with flowers and lights. 

Price £20.00 a pair.